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Break through your old ideas about love and discover a Love beyond your imagining that changes Everything

Have you ever wondered if there is a path that leads to the love of your dreams?  

And how you could tell if you were on that path?

Let Love Disruptors founders David Gold and Juli Reeves free you from your limiting ideas about love and set you on a path to Love Unimaginable

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Never too late for Love? I KNOW it’s true

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What I feel in your presence is a kind of regenerative, healing love.. The love that you both share radiates out in to the world and brings warmth and healing to those around you as well. Truth, the real kind, always shines through in the end, and I can feel when I am with you the Truth of your love for each other, and the way it stands in the world.

Amy Kortus

Hillsborough, NC

Something incredible happened a few years ago…Dave met Juli. Their relationship developed in the folds of mystery and wonder.. Together, they have discovered the truth of Love Unimaginable; Love that is absolute, complete, unwavering, and untouchable. This is the Love that is always and ever present, immediately available and accessible to all who are willing to surrender to Love Unimaginable!

Jenny Jensen

Raleigh NC

I’ve known Dave Gold for ten years, we are spiritual brothers so to speak. We started meeting more frequently after Dave met Juli, and I’ve witnessed their love deepen in ways once unimaginable. I sense a taste of the future in their relationship, and that many of us will find relationships like theirs. May it be so!

Frank Phoenix

President, Fenwick Foundation

I have watched Dave and Juli, two very wonderful  beings, work for years to grow in love and wisdom.  They have utilized every tool they could find, and every challenge and opportunity that life brought them, to nourish the deep love and connection they now share. And like  my own great teachers, they chose to learn and grow from everything that came their way.

Marty Solomon

Chapel Hill

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