“For now, it is enough to say that what whispered and beckoned to me from earliest childhood was not the voice of foolishness but rather, a divine promise of human love that opened the doors to heaven on earth. – David Gold


Since Love Unimaginable unexpectantly descended upon David Gold and Juli Reeves four years ago, they have become models, guides, and beacons for how real people in the real world can live a love that is beyond our imaginings.


It often happens that people ”bump up against” David and Juli out in the world and seek to find an answer to a question that they struggle to articulate. What comes out is usually akin to, “Who are you people?” or “What is your story?” Just by being in David and Juli’s field of love, their ideas about love are disrupted, and they seek to make sense of what they are experiencing.


David and Juli’s love is powerful and contagious, their wisdom is practical and transformative, and their humor is engaging and uplifting. Discover how they can reconnect you to your deepest dreams about love and align you with a path that can take you there.


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