There is a place in love – or perhaps it is a particular type of love  – where your ideas will be of little help and, in fact, will only get in the way. This brand of love is not rooted in any of your ideas because, by its very nature, it lies beyond anything you can imagine. – David Gold


Since their Love Unimaginable was revealed, Juli and David have joyfully chosen to run a bold experiment: discovering how deeply and intensely “perfect love” can be lived in an “imperfect world” of ex-spouses, blended families, financial responsibilities, and the exigencies of living.


Here’s a sampling of what they have learned:


  • You need to choose between your old ideas about love and the authentic experience of Love itself. You can’t have both.




  • Coming together in this kind of love creates an “Us” that is truly a new and separate Being, free from many long-standing fears and limitations.




  • At the same time, you, as an individual, do not disappear into the Us; rather, you somehow become more yourself than ever.




  • Love Unimaginable is inherently reciprocal, in large part because the two of you are sharing One Love. You need not worry about one of you “getting too far ahead” of the other in terms of affection or investment.




  • There is deference but no hierarchy in this Love. Such fundamental equality eliminates the power struggles that often taint the purity of romantic love.



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