I sense a taste of the future in their relationship, and that many of us will find relationships like theirs. May it be so!     Frank Phoenix, President, Fenwick Foundation

Love Unimaginable is always a miracle.   

It cannot be “reverse engineered,” and there are no guarantees or Love Unimaginable for Dummies guidebooks.

But because it is REAL and ever-present, Love Unimaginable is always available to be discovered and experienced.

Here’s what David and Juli can do for you:

  • Help you discover and discard your obsolete ideas about love that are standing in the way of Love Unimaginable.
  • Reconnect you with your deepest dreams of love, so that you can declare to yourself – and to the Universe – what you most want in life.
  • Highlight the milestones and markers that you encounter along your own  path to Love Unimaginable.
  • Transmit to you a direct experience of Love Unimaginable by living IN it and AS it instead of just speaking “about” it.
  • Connect you with the truth that Life is inherently trustworthy, including the fact that the Universe wants to give you what you most desire – except better than you could ever imagine.
  • Help prepare you for miracle of Love Unimaginable once your prayers are answered.

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